Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New type of Ohio Criminals

Smoking in Ohio
Tuesday, Dec 12, 2006

I am sitting in the bar smoking my cigar which I purchased online to avoid sales taxes. I am being asked by the smoking police for I.D. because I am sitting in an unauthorized smoking area.
"Damn, I left my wallet and I.D. at home!" "Really", I plead!"
Assume the Position" I am told.Oh crap I thougt as I realized I had stuffed the bottle of Sudafed in my pocket before leaving. Surely they will find it.
"My damn hayfever was acting up and I needed relief". "Really," I plead!"
Do you have a reciept for that cigar?".
"Yes I do. But it's a stored file on my computer. You see, I bought this from some vendor online." "Really," I plead!"

Unit 69 to Headquarters...We have a real hot one we are bringing in.This guy is a major threat to our health, cannot prove who he is, a drug addict, a tax evader, and quite possibly a terrorist."

I wonder if they allow smoking in prision?


Hooda Thunkit said...

"I wonder if they allow smoking in prision?"

In Ohio, I'd guess no.

It's a real shame, having to criminalize a diminishing number of smokers, just because they do not comprehend the concept of courtesy...

I reluctantly voted for the ban rather than expect courtesy to work.

Harmodius and Aristogeiton said...

We are shocked. We had though Mr. Thunkit to be a freedom loving, liberty respecting, private property rights kinda fellow. Next, we suppose, he’ll vote for a law to require surgical masks be worn in restaurants, bars, bingo parlors, the work place – to prevent the spread of colds since some don’t have the courtesy to cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze. Sieg heil! (Hail victory!)