Sunday, July 30, 2006

Unseen Visitor

I recently returned from a trip to Gatlinburg and the Great Smokey Mountains. I was on vacation while the Great Flood of 2006 occured in Toledo. Imagine my suprise when I returned to find that I had to extend my vacation to clean up a wet basement! Anyhow...that's another story being throughly debated on all the other blogs.
While in the Smokey's I never seen a Black bear even though I went hiking one night with flashlight in hand hoping to run across one. Just to prove their existence, an unseen visitor left this souvenier on the bumper of my van which I discovered as I was packing up to leave.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!

Events in my life required that I take a reprieve from blogging for the past few month. Boy...I missed alot! So many things have transpired since my last post that it has taken the better part of a week just to catch up on all the postings on Toledo Talk and the other local blogs including Lisa Renee's, History Mike's and Progressive Toledo.

I promise I have much to say and will be back to posting regularly. But right now I am steaming in the heat and plan on going swimmimg. So please check back for my next post.