Thursday, August 09, 2007

Carty Effect

With all the recent controversies surrounding Mayor Finkbeiner, I'm curious as to how his term in office has personally affected your life in Toledo, Ohio. This post is not to discuss Carty himself or his antics, but rather how his decisions have directlty impacted (good and bad) your day-to-day existence here in the Glass City.


KraZyKaT said...

I personally feel a little lighter in the wallet since the Recycle Fee was assesed. As a single person and generating very little trash (about 1 light bag a week) I cannot meet the requirements for the recycle discount. Therefore, I pay more for my 1 bag a week then my brother does for his 6-7 bags of trash and 3 containers of recyclables. More for Less...go figure!

Neighborhood Concerns said...

Being unemployed in Toledo, the lack of follow through with the creation of jobs, a long process, is not helping.

Applied for a Costco job and was one the 12K plus people that applied. Sure says there is a need for good jobs needed.

But with our current administration and the turning to the same people who have overseen the steady decline of the city makes me wonder what can the team do for the future when they have presided over the past so well.

Maggie Thurber said...

Yes - lighter in the wallet due to increased government expenditures and the taxes (garbage tax, too) necessary to support them.

Embarrassed when people ask me about his antics...(perrysburg 'poaching' companies)

Concerned about the legality of some of his decisions (closing a park - eminent domain)

Upset over the condition of MY roads (being the ones I travel daily) versus the pretty flowers and nice signs that greet Carty on his way to and from work each day...

And these are just the ones that most people can identify with...

However, I'm hopeful that his new performance-based budgeting system will actually be applied to the city budget and will work.

Maggie Thurber said...

Oh - and I should clarify...that for the issue of taxes, roads and a lack of objection, I also blame city council...they're as much at fault as Carty...

Anonymous said...

Save the city! EZ Kill the Unions, Downsize everything and out source everything.(new jobs for small business) And remove the useless Mayor( BOBO the chimp at the zoo will do the job give Carty BOBOs job). Simple.

Anonymous said...