Thursday, August 16, 2007

A KraZyKat - PSA

As the school season approaches I would like to remind motorist to be diligent in their observation of traffic laws.

With children walking to and from school, waiting at the bus stops, and playing after class as kids will do their attention may be detoured when looking out for traffic.

That's where we, as responsible adults must play a part in the safety of our young ones.

Remember the following:

  • Observe the School Zone speed limits.

  • Stop at all intersections where a sign is posted.

  • Use care when appraoching a traffic signal and do not speed up to make a Yellow light.

  • Consistantly scan your surroundings for kids when driving. Especially side streets where cars are parked on both side and may obscure your vision.

  • Use your cell phone sparingly so as not to distract your attention from driving.

  • Stop for all school buses. Do not speed up to pass them just because their yellow flashing lights come on. Be cool and hang back and stop when the red lights are flashing.

  • Leave a few minutes earlier for work so that you are not rushed and not late if delayed by school bus stops.

Remember...the life you save may someday grow up to be President, the first human on Mars, discover the cure for cancer or find the way to World Peace.

This article has been brought to you courtesy as a Public Service Annoucement from KraZykat. :)